Saturday, October 1, 2011

Repair and Wear: Flats!

From my last post I put a picture of badazzled banana republic flats. I must tell you those shoes were the most comfortable/cutest things I've ever owned; I think I wore them upwards of 60+ times. I must say they have held up pretty well, but most recently the sole of the left toe has come apart from the top of the shoe; creating something that looks like a mouth, and with my shoes looking like that I thought it was time to toss them.

here's what they Look like now...

but why trash them, when I have a brand new toy... the HOT GLUE GUN, could this salvage my lovely shoes?
I figured it was worth a shot

I put a few tiny dabs of glue in the sole of the shoe

Pressed for 30 seconds

Let dry

removed excess glue with a scissor..

and... good as new!

Now, this can be done on virtually any shoe, but if the rest of the shoe isn't in good condition I would say maybe it is time to let them go; I attempted to salvage these because the rest of the shoe was still in mint condition.
Hope this easy tip helps!

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