Monday, October 31, 2011

Custom Cozy Drink Holder

Happy Halloween!!

For this week's project: Custom Drink cozy (it's a hit at any tailgate!)

For those of you that keep stopping by every week that aren't interested in learning crochet, I promise, I WILL start posting other projects that don't include crocheting. For those of you that like crochet, this is an extremely simple project. I had some extra time on Friday but I didn't want to get caught up in a long project; I was prepping for a Saturday college football tailgate, and with the weather forecast so grim, I figured I'd try my luck at making a drink cozy. As the project seemed so simple, I didn't bother looking up a pattern. I figured I'd wing it, and hope for the best.
I can say now, after a few people have tried out my cozies; and we unfortunately lost some beer, in an effort to maintain snuggness, I am altering my original pattern. (I didn't take into consideration how much the yarn would stretch)

Here's the revised pattern..

SIze H crochet hook
acrylic yarn (2 colors)
darning needle

Create a slipknot
chain 12
1st Row: double crochet in the 3 chain from the hook, continue to double crochet in each of the following chains until you reach the end of the row; chain 3, turn your work
2nd Row: double crochet in the first double crochet, continue to double crochet in each of the following double crochets until you reach the end of the row, chain 3, turn your work
3rd through 13th Row: continue to repeat directions in the 2nd row.

Now, cut 1 foot of yarn
crochet 1, but instead of leaving the yarn on the hook, pull the 1 extra foot of yarn through, pull to tighten, and you should create a knot
You should have something that looks like the below...

Next, thread the darning needle
Match up the beginning and the end of your work, and begin to sew together

Weave yarn through end to end, you should be left with something like the below:

tie the two excess pieces of yarn together, knotting twice, and then cut of the extra yarn. Now, flip your work inside out, you've completed your cozy.

Lastly, if you want to customize your cozy for a specific team, your own initials etc, thread the darning needle with a different color than what you used on the base, in my case I used white.
After threading the needle, I tied a knot at the end of my yarn
Next, I began to sew in my letters, by starting the first letter threading the yarn through from the inside of the cozy

I then continued to sew in and out until I was pleased with the thickness of my letters

When my letters were complete, I poked the darning needle into the inside of the cozy, threaded my remaining yarn through, tied a knot, and cut off the excess yarn

Below is one of the finished cozies

Be sure to check back next Monday for a new non-crochet project; have a great week!

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