Monday, October 3, 2011

Custom Message Board

If you're like me I tend to forget things a lot, So I'm always carrying around lists. Lists,lists.lists, they are absolutely everywhere, filling my purse, bedside table, drawers at work. It's time to end the madness... did you know that dry erase markers work on glass?.. well they do!
Here's an idea..what if I make my own customized dry erase board; either to rid myself of those lists or to leave my roommate messages when I'm not around.

Scrap Book Paper
dry erase marker

1. buy a medium sized picture frame from a discount store. ( I got mine at target $4)

2. Next pick a cute scrapbook paper pattern to insert into your frame(mine was from Target for 99 cents); you can also use newspaper, an old map, scrap fabric etc. (the possibilites are endless)

3. turn your scrapbook pattern over, and use the back of the frame to trace out the size

4. Cut the paper to the proper size

5. Hang or place the frame

Start leaving messages and writing lists!

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