Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to: T-shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Yarn!
Everyone has a ton of extra t-shirts laying around, and little use for more than a few. If you're like me and you value drawer space (apartment living!), and you're in need of yarn for a new project, consider making t-shirt yarn.

No need to worry this project is beyond easy...
T-shirt you don't mind cutting up
tape measure (or you can wing it, like I did)

Begin with your t-shirt

Cut off the hem

Measure 1 inch from the bottom of the t-shirt and begin cutting in circles

Continue to cut your shirt in circles until you've reached the armpits, you will not need this portion of the shirt.

Once you cut off the excess top portion of the shirt you should be left something that looks like this

Now... pick up the end of your fabric and start gently pulling it, this should cause the fabric to curl up, it should also feel like you're removing the elasticity of the fabric... your fabric now begins to resemble yarn.

when you've completed pulling/stretching all fabric, you should be left with the below

Now, roll the yarn in a ball, and you're all set to start your new project.

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