Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY: Leather Bracelet

Hi Guys! Today I have an easy 5 minute DIY project for you.
All you need are a few simple materials:
revolving punch
9'' of leather trimming
1 round screw back stud
Step 1: Use the stencil and trace in your desired text, in this case eagles
Step 2: Use the revolving punch and punch a hole at the bottom and the top of the leather strap
Step 3: Screw the stud into the hole on the bottom of the strap

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Sew: Cloth Bag with Leather Straps

1 yard of fabric (Ralph Lauren home fabric purchased at Mood)
2 yards leather trimming (purchased from leather impact)
Revolving Punch
Sewing machine
Step 1: Cut the following pattern pieces:
2x 34" by 16"
1x 7" by 9"
Step 2: Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric touching (piece should measure 17" by 16"), pin sides and sew (do this to both pieces)
Step 3: Create depth to your bag by making corners. Measure 2 1/2 inches from the end on every corner (4 in total), mark, pin, sew, cut off excess
Step 4: Turn one of the fabric pieces right side out, attach pocket by folding in edges, pin around all three sides and sew.
Step 5: With one pattern piece right side out and the second (lining) piece inside out place the lining over the right side out piece
Step 6: Pin and sew around the top leaving a 5'' opening
Step 7: Pull fabric right side out through the 5'' opening
Step 8: sew up the 5'' opening
Step 9: Stuff the lining into the bag
Step 10: cut 2 leather straps 31 1/2'' long; next use the revolving punch to punch two holes in the bottom and top of each strap
Step 11: mark where you want the straps to attach to the bag by marking through the holes on the strap, punch holes using the revolving punch
Step 12: Screw a stud in all holes (8 holes)
Step 13: Push studs through the holes in the leather straps, done!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Sew: 1/2 Circle Skirt


To anyone still reading, I'm terribly sorry for the long hiatus. Lots of great changes in my life recently that have left me with little free time. I promise I will make a more concerted effort to keep up with regular posts in the future.

Now to the fun stuff...
1/2 circle skirt with waistband tutorial!

Materials Needed: 
1 1/2 yards of fabric
matching thread
sewing machine

Step 1: trace and cut pattern; use this pattern

Step 2: Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric touching. Trace the pattern onto fabric
Step 3: Cut fabric
Step 4: Sew up only the bottom half of one side of the skirt using a straight short stitch,  then sew up the top half of the side of the skirt with a long straight stitch (you'll be pulling out this seam once the zipper is installed)
Step 5: The Waistband, take this fabric piece....

Step 6: With skirt piece fabric right side out- place the waist band piece over the skirt piece waist band and sew at the top all the way around the skirt using a short straight stitch (note, do not sew over the side seam and leave a little extra waist band fabric for folding over)

Step 7: Turn skirt inside out. Iron open the seam, place zipper face down into the seam. Sew zipper into the skirt.

 Step 8: Use a seam ripper to rip the seam open under the zipper
Step 9: Hem


Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Sew: Tulle Skirt

I love the femininity of tulle skirts, so when I saw a few tutorials floating around pinterest recently I knew I wanted to see if I could make one for myself.

I scored 3 yards of white tulle on sale and stashed it away until I had the motivation and time to sew.
You'll also need 1 yard of white cotton fabric and a white zipper.

For this skirt I used my circle skirt pattern.
You only need the bottom piece, not the waist band.

Use the pattern to trace 6 tulle skirt pieces and 1 cotton skirt piece (make sure to trace each skirt pattern on the fold).

Pin up the side of the skirt and sew. Do this for both the cotton piece and all 6 tulle pieces.
Turn all skirt pieces right side out. 
The cotton piece will be the first layer, then layer on each tulle piece.

Sew all 7 pieces of fabric together at the waist. (sewing around in a circle)

Insert exposed zipper (see tutorial here)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Cape

I'm not sure if a sewing project can get much easier than this one. All you need is 1 1/2 yards of fleece fabric, two buttons, thread, scissors, ruler and a about a half hour of time.
Here's the tutorial in a few easy steps:
Cut fabric to 44" by 55.5"
Fold Fabric in half

And in half again

Create the neck hole: In the corner where all fleece connects (in this case top left) measure 3" by 3" and cut out a semi-circle.
On the opposite side of the neck hole cut out a semi-circle

Unfold fabric; cut fabric to neck hole

Make two button holes

Use a seam ripper to open the button holes

Hand sew on two buttons


Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY: Faux Leather Skirt

I have been toying with the idea of making a leather skirt for quite some time now.  I think it's the perfect piece to have in your closet for almost every season.  
Armed with my idea in mind, I set out to mood for materials.  Once there, I decided on using faux leather as it was a much cheaper alternative to real leather.  
When I finally found the time to sew up the skirt,  I was unbelievably shocked when it came together in under 20 minutes!  I have to say, this is the easiest sewing project I have done to date. I must warn you, my method is a bit unconventional as I did not install a zipper or an elastic waistband.  The faux leather I purchased had a lot of stretch to it, and as a result I was able to put the skirt on over my head.  This method will not work for everyone, if your bust and waist size vary dramatically I would suggest installing a zipper.
My method for creating a faux leather skirt in 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Create a 1/2 circle skirt pattern on craft paper. Use my tutorial here. Note I only made the skirt piece, not the waistband.
Step 2: Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric touching. Trace the pattern onto fabric
Step 3: Cut fabric
Step 4: Sew up one side of the skirt using a zig zag stitch
Turn right side out, and wear!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY: String Art World Map

For months I've been trying to find just the right piece of art to go over my living room couch.  I wanted to do something a little more creative than just pictures in frames. Finally after doing extensive searching on, I came across string art, and the RambleandRoost etsy shop.  The owner has a ton of string art pieces, and one that struck me was a world map. I decided to try my hand at making my own version.
Materials Needed:
2' by 4' (purchased pre-cut at home depot)
world map (purchased on
1 can minwax polyshades in mission oak satin (purchased from home depot)
paint brush
2'' nails
household twine
power drill
braces (for hanging)
1.Set out 2' by 4' piece of wood
2. Stain the piece of wood, front and back and let dry overnight
3. Place map directly in the center of the wood
4. Hammer in nails around the edges of land
5. Tie string around one nail and start winding string around nails.  See string art tutorial here
6. As you finish each land mass, cut away the map underneath
 7. Using a power drill, drill screws through braces into the back of the wood; next drill screws into the wall... then hang!