Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Sew: Tulle Skirt

I love the femininity of tulle skirts, so when I saw a few tutorials floating around pinterest recently I knew I wanted to see if I could make one for myself.

I scored 3 yards of white tulle on sale and stashed it away until I had the motivation and time to sew.
You'll also need 1 yard of white cotton fabric and a white zipper.

For this skirt I used my circle skirt pattern.
You only need the bottom piece, not the waist band.

Use the pattern to trace 6 tulle skirt pieces and 1 cotton skirt piece (make sure to trace each skirt pattern on the fold).

Pin up the side of the skirt and sew. Do this for both the cotton piece and all 6 tulle pieces.
Turn all skirt pieces right side out. 
The cotton piece will be the first layer, then layer on each tulle piece.

Sew all 7 pieces of fabric together at the waist. (sewing around in a circle)

Insert exposed zipper (see tutorial here)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Cape

I'm not sure if a sewing project can get much easier than this one. All you need is 1 1/2 yards of fleece fabric, two buttons, thread, scissors, ruler and a about a half hour of time.
Here's the tutorial in a few easy steps:
Cut fabric to 44" by 55.5"
Fold Fabric in half

And in half again

Create the neck hole: In the corner where all fleece connects (in this case top left) measure 3" by 3" and cut out a semi-circle.
On the opposite side of the neck hole cut out a semi-circle

Unfold fabric; cut fabric to neck hole

Make two button holes

Use a seam ripper to open the button holes

Hand sew on two buttons


Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY: Faux Leather Skirt

I have been toying with the idea of making a leather skirt for quite some time now.  I think it's the perfect piece to have in your closet for almost every season.  
Armed with my idea in mind, I set out to mood for materials.  Once there, I decided on using faux leather as it was a much cheaper alternative to real leather.  
When I finally found the time to sew up the skirt,  I was unbelievably shocked when it came together in under 20 minutes!  I have to say, this is the easiest sewing project I have done to date. I must warn you, my method is a bit unconventional as I did not install a zipper or an elastic waistband.  The faux leather I purchased had a lot of stretch to it, and as a result I was able to put the skirt on over my head.  This method will not work for everyone, if your bust and waist size vary dramatically I would suggest installing a zipper.
My method for creating a faux leather skirt in 4 easy steps:
Step 1: Create a 1/2 circle skirt pattern on craft paper. Use my tutorial here. Note I only made the skirt piece, not the waistband.
Step 2: Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric touching. Trace the pattern onto fabric
Step 3: Cut fabric
Step 4: Sew up one side of the skirt using a zig zag stitch
Turn right side out, and wear!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY: String Art World Map

For months I've been trying to find just the right piece of art to go over my living room couch.  I wanted to do something a little more creative than just pictures in frames. Finally after doing extensive searching on, I came across string art, and the RambleandRoost etsy shop.  The owner has a ton of string art pieces, and one that struck me was a world map. I decided to try my hand at making my own version.
Materials Needed:
2' by 4' (purchased pre-cut at home depot)
world map (purchased on
1 can minwax polyshades in mission oak satin (purchased from home depot)
paint brush
2'' nails
household twine
power drill
braces (for hanging)
1.Set out 2' by 4' piece of wood
2. Stain the piece of wood, front and back and let dry overnight
3. Place map directly in the center of the wood
4. Hammer in nails around the edges of land
5. Tie string around one nail and start winding string around nails.  See string art tutorial here
6. As you finish each land mass, cut away the map underneath
 7. Using a power drill, drill screws through braces into the back of the wood; next drill screws into the wall... then hang!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY: Bridal Shower Custom Cross Stitch Gift

Recently for a friend's bridal shower I purchased a custom cutting board (from Etsy) with her future last name on it. The cutting board was a hit and everyone thought the customization was a nice touch.  When I started to take up cross stitch, I thought a great companion gift would be a custom frame with the bride and groom's initials as well as their wedding date. 
In order to craft the pattern I needed to find patterns for letters and numbers-- Searching on pinterest I came across a bunch, see my pin board here.  I used excel and a pattern as a guide and came up with the below.

For reference I used 14 count aida fabric, and colors: dark fuschia (heart) and 844 (letters and numbers).
For more details on how to cross stitch see tutorial here.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quick Christmas Gift Idea: Chevron Cross Stitch

Need a quick inexpensive handmade gift? Why not this chevron framed cross stitch? It would make a perfect Christmas gift or housewarming present.
I was able to make this pattern in just a few minutes in excel. The numbers on the pattern are the thread colors associated with the pattern.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cross Stitch: Home Sweet Home

After ages of wanting to learn how to cross stitch this weekend I finally found the time to hit up Michaels for supplies, and then head to YouTube for some trusty tips. I'd been seeing a ton of fun patterns on etsy, but considering I am brand new to cross stitch I thought it'd be best to start off small and simple.  On Pinterest I saw a cute "home sweet home" cross stitch and I thought it looked easy enough to recreate, but the problem was there was no pattern associated with the pin.

I thought to myself that there must be an easy enough way to figure out the pattern on my own.  The first thing I reached for was graph paper as the tiny squares on the paper are perfect for making a pattern.  To start I google searched free heart patterns; and copied down a small heart that was fitting for what I wanted.
Now that I had a portion of my pattern I decided it was time to prep my materials and try out cross stitch.
Materials Checklist:
14 Count Aida Fabric
Tapestry Needle
Wooden Hoop
Embroidery thread
Here's what I did:
1. I placed the hoop over/under the Aida fabric and tightened the tension
2. threaded the tapestry needle with 3 strands of embroidery thread (note: the thread comes in 6 strands)
3. Found the center of my fabric and pattern
4. Began sewing following the pattern (note: when threading the needle in for the first stitch make sure you leave a tail, do NOT make any knots)

 Now, for the second portion of the pattern I needed to create letters.  For this I was actually able to copy down the pattern by just looking at the picture I had for inspiration; to save you the work, the pattern is below:
Then, the only thing I had left to do was frame it! I cut the fabric to the size of the frame and that was it!