Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Sew: Tablecloth to Skirt w/ Exposed Zipper


I was in marshalls the other day and came across this tablecloth for $9.99; I immediately grabbed it, as I was in the market for some holiday fabric to make christmas stockings.  Once home I was playing around with the fabric and wrapped it around my waist.  I quickly realized that this fabric was going to have a second use and that would be for my new holiday skirt.

So, what does one need for a christmas skirt?
1 yard of Fabric
sewing machine (zipper foot needed)
seam ripper

Step 1: Set out your fabric with right sides together

Step 2: Trace a skirt that fits you well, be sure to leave a little room for seam allowance

Step 3: Cut

Step 4: Fold fabric in half lengthwise to ensure the skirt was cut evenly (cut off excess if needed)

Step 5: create darts to the back piece of fabric only; to do this measure the waist band, and cut the measurement in half, measure this out and mark (this should be the exact middle); next measure 2 1/2" from the center on each side and mark, from here measure another 1" and mark; next in the middle of your inch mark and measure down 5 1/2" down, mark; connect the dots.
For a better visual you can refer to the darts on my pencil skirt tutorial here.

Step 6: pin both darts and sew using a straight stitch

 Your darts should look something like the below

Step 7: Now, with good sides of the fabric touching, pin up both sides of the skirt and sew. Note: before sewing decide which side you want to install the zipper to.  On the side of the skirt where the zipper will lay sew using a long stitch (you'll eventually use the seam ripper to take this out so the zipper can zip)

Step 8: Installing the zipper; for this I wanted the skirt to be a little funky so I decided to install the zipper on the outside of the skirt.  To do this turn the skirt right side out, unzip the zipper and pin one side to the right side of the seam

Step 9: Using your zipper foot on your machine sew the zipper to the skirt

Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the other side of the zipper

Step 10: Using the seam ripper, rip out the seam under the installed zipper; you should now be able to zip the two pieces of fabric apart

Step 11: Hem: Turn the skirt inside out; fold up the bottom of the skirt a 1/4 an inch and iron; from there fold up another 1/2  inch and pin all the way around, sew

and... you're ready to hit the town for some holiday parties!

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