Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Sew: Table Cloth Christmas Stockings

Last week, I created a christmas skirt from a holiday table cloth I picked up at Marshalls, this week I decided to take the remaining material and try my hand at homemade christmas stockings!
Here's what you'll need:
Holiday table cloth (or holiday fabric)
sewing machine and thread
paper bag
Step 1: cut out one side of a paper bag and free hand draw a stocking.  Use scissors to cut out the pattern
Step 2: Fold your fabric with right sides together, place your pattern over the fabric and trace
Step 3: Cut
Step 4: repeat Step 2 tracing the pattern in the opposite direction and cut (you should now have 4 pieces of cut fabric)

Step 5: sew the top and bottom pieces together at the top of the stocking; do the same for the bottom
Step 6: Place the two pieces of stocking together, pin, and sew all the way around leaving three inches open
Step 7: using the three inches you left unsewed, turn the stocking right side out


Step 8: Sew the existing three open inches of fabric together

Step 9: Now, stuff the top part of the stocking into the bottom part

Step 10: Take a 1 inch by 6 inch piece of scrap fabric and fold it over, then pin it into the inside of the stocking, and sew it into the back stocking seam
... and that's it!

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