Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY Sew: Bucket Bag

7 to 10 Sq ft of sheep's hide leather
Purchased here on
Rotary cutter
Double sided tape
Leather Punch
Sewing Machine
Leather needle
Polyester thread

Step 1: Cut leather using the below pattern
Due to the size of the piece of my leather I needed to cut the main piece in 2 instead of 1
Step 2: With right sides of leather touching tape the right, left and bottom sides of leather together (only at the edges)


Step 3: Sew across the bottom, and up the sides, be sure to use a leather needle, adjust tension to 4, and stitch length to 3 1/2 (note this is what I used, this will vary on every machine). Note: Press as lightly as possible on your presser foot while sewing. After sewing the sides, join the corners, tape, and sew (do this to both corners)
Step 4: Turn bag right side out , punch evenly spaced holes 2.5" apart and 2" down from the top (5 on each side)
Step 5: Sewing the strap: Tape the two pieces of leather together (wrong sides together), sew up both the right and left sides (sew in the same direction)
Step 6: Cut 1/8'' by 25" piece of leather and thread it through the holes
Step 7: Sew the strap onto the bag

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