Sunday, February 8, 2015

DIY Wedding: Save the Date

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm engaged! And of course it wouldn't be a craftynovice wedding without a few DIYs.  Over the next few months I'll be sharing some hand mades for my big day. The first I'll share are my Save the Dates.  These were insanely easy and extremely affordable!
The very first thing I had to do was get a great picture. My fiancé and I have some great pictures traveling but nothing that really had that professional feel I was looking for. Not wanting to go overboard on budget we didn't think hiring a wedding photographer for engagement photos was necessary. As an alternative I asked my good friend who has a nice camera to take a few shots of Ed and I. She pleasantly surprised us with some amazing pics, I don't mean to brag, but don't these look professional?

After uploading the pictures and settling on one, I downloaded these fonts from Jenna Sue, Admiration Pains, Everything Holiday, and Moon Flower
Using photoshop I typed Save the Date in white using the Admiration Pains font.
Then I opened a new file to create the text that would go on the back of the postcard and saved the file as an image.
The last step was uploading the photos onto vistaprint (as a postcard) and ordering. If you have any questions be sure to call the customer service line as they are extremely helpful.
And that's it, wait a week or two for your shipment to come in, address and stamp, send, and then you're done!!

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