Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Sew: Patterned Skirt w/ Invisible Zipper

One of the greatest parts about working at my job (in advertising) is the dress code: casual.  It's great not to have to buy professional clothing for everyday use.  However, every year in May I have a bunch of presentations that I have to dress up for.  Instead of purchasing new clothes for the presentations, I decided to make a few new skirts this year.

I came across this awesome fabric (below) at home goods (it's actually a tablecloth); I thought it would be great for a pencil skirt.

I followed my pencil skirt tutorial, but decided to do an invisible zipper instead of an exposed zipper.

Installing the invisible zipper:
When you are ready to sew the front and back sides of the skirt together, place both pieces together (good sides touching); now, decide which side of your skirt you want the zipper to be on, you will sew up this side first. Begin sewing your zipper side starting at the waist; use a long straight stitch for the first 7 inches, then backstitch 1/2 inch, adjust the stitch to a shorter length and then finish sewing the side of the skirt together.
Iron open the seam
Place zipper on top fo the seam and pin the right side of the zipper onto the right side of the seam allowance
Using the zipper foot on your machine start at the waist, and sew the left side of the zipper onto the left seam allowance only, stitch across the bottom of the zipper, and then sew up the right side of the zipper onto the right seam allowance only
Turn your skirt over (the good side should be facing up)
Take your seam ripper and start at the waist and move 6 1/2 inches down, gently pull out the thread until you can see the whole zipper.
When you can easily zip and unzip the zipper you are done with the install.

Now, continue with my skirt tutorial, and sew up the other side of the skirt, hem, and that's it!


  1. I continue to be SO impressed by your sewing skills. This skirt is so cute! Nice work!