Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Dip Dye

This weekend I was finally able to try out dip dying! A group of friends and I went out to Fire Island and had a relaxing, lazy, wonderful time, and even found some time to be crafty.
The entire process was beyond easy, all you need is a large bowl, water, something to dye and some dye (we used purple RIT dye).
First thing's first, pour some lukewarm water into a large bowl:
Then, pour the contents of the dye into the bowl and stir for a minute

Next, prep your shirt (or any other item you're dying) by rinsing in warm water, ring out; then dip into dye.
Depending on how dark you want the dye on your shirt will determine how long you hold the shirt in the dye; I dipped for only about 2 minutes
Pull your shirt out of the dye, and spray with a hose until the water runs clear
Last, hang to dry!

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  1. Kerry! I cannot believe I missed it. Wah wah. We have to try another crafting evening soon. Maybe when the guys go away for the weekend. xx