Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Bedazzled Flats's finally fall, which means it's about that time to retire those flip flops for the season, and bring out the flats! My personal favorite flat is round toe and somewhat bedazzled (in an understated somewhat professional fashion); after browsing on and remembering my love for my old banana republic flats, I decided this would be my next project.
These babies are my inspiration

What you'll need..
1 pair of canvas, pleather or leather (for the more expensive taste) flats
jewels of all sizes, shapes and colors (it's all up to your own personal preference)- I picked 10 of the exact same gems because I like things simple and symmetric!
hot glue gun

I chose these Lower East Side Flats from Payless $16.99

These gems from beadworld in manhattan $12.50 for 10

To begin, I pulled the backing off the gems

Then I placed a small dot of hot glue in each of the backings and glued the gems back into place (this ensures your gems don't fall out of the backing)
Now that your gems are all set to go, formulate a pattern and test it out by placing each piece on the top of your shoe

When you're happy with placement, start to glue each piece onto the shoe, NOTE you only need a small amount of glue, also begin with the middle piece and work out from there.

and ta Da!..custom bedazzled shoes!

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