Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recycling old clothes for Yarn

Can't get to the craft store, but you're dying to dive into your next project? There could be an easy solution to your problem. As the seasons change and you bring those old sweaters down from the attic, you might notice that they're either a. out of style b. damaged (holes, stains, etc), or c. don't fit. Istead of tossing the item, consider recylcing it and using the yarn for a new project.

The process is easy really, just make a cut in the yarn where the sweater is joined and begin pulling, in no time you'll have a ton of yarn! If you had a stain on your yarn, just cut those parts out with a scissor, and tie a knot to join the remaining yarn.

Congratulations, you just saved money, and the environment!

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