Thursday, September 5, 2013


By some strike of luck this morning I got to go to my very first fashion show... and in case you didn't realize, it's New York Fashion Week!! I showed up to Lincoln center a half hour early and sat around the fountain, taking in the beautiful stylish people around me. I was so fascinated with the whole scene, there were photographers everywhere, asking for street style snaps from the stylish attendees. As I sat people watching, a Marie Claire editor approached the girl sitting next to me and asked if she'd like to be in their street style column! The girl was so unassuming, I'm actually not even sure if she was there for the show or just passing through the square. Later, when I met up with my friend to go inside, we were stopped for a photo (!), I couldn't believe it, I think it was more for his style than mine, but I'll take it! (Check out the fashion week pics from the photographer, he was representing mobella blog here) Once inside I got to hang in the style lounge for a few minutes until the show began seating; I was then escorted to my seat and saw a real fashion runway for the very first time! Scanning the seats my eyes came across Fashion Police Hosts Juliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos, and then to fashion icon/model/host Heidi Klum! When the show started I was captivated by all the BGBC Maxazria looks, the confidence of the models, music and design, it was a really powerful, and inspiring experience.
Here are a few pics I took..

And here are my favorite looks I grabbed from

My mind is racing with ways to DIY these looks, are you inspired?

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  1. OMG! So unbelievably fun!! Can't wait to hear more about it! xx