Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Crochet: Poncho

At long last, I have finally found a great extremely easy crochet poncho pattern! 

I've been wanting to make a poncho since the day I began crocheting, but every pattern looked crazy complicated and wasn't exactly appealing to the eye.  Thankfully lionbrand yarns came through for me for this season.  Check out the pattern I used here.

If you're interested in making this, I would definitely use the lion brand pattern, but if you want to recreate exactly what I've done above, you can use this altered pattern below.
Make a slip knot
chain 73
Row 1: Half Double Crochet (hdc) in 3rd chain from the hook, and in each stitch across
Row 2: *chain 2, turn, hdc in each stitch across* repeat ** until piece measures 50 inches
fasten off

                          Fold piece lengthwise bringing 1st row to meet last row
               Beginning at top right hand corner, slip stitch side edges together for 13 inches
hdc around neck opening join with slip stitch at the beginning chain
*chain 2, hdc in each stitch around, join with slip sitch*
repeat ** until neck cowl measures 8 inches
fasten off



  1. Thank you for posting this. I saw it on pinterest. Its is exactly what I have been looking for! And such a simple pattern.

  2. Can't wait to try! Thanks for sharing. What type of yarn did you use?

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I used Caron simply soft.

  3. What size hook did you use? I want to make it but I'm not sure what size!

  4. Do you remember how much yarn it took?

  5. Hi i am trying this out but i changed a few things after folding i sc around instead of slip stitching i sew it together i will try to link a pic but thank you so nuch for the post��