Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Sew: Fabric Belt

So, although my sewing class advertised that we'd be making a fabric covered belt, we never did! I was so determined to make one, I decided to attempt one on my own.
Tops this should take you about 15 minutes

2 D rings
tape measure
Safety pin
sewing machine

Measure your waist, then add 10 inches; next measure the length of your D ring and multiply by two and add a 1/2 inch; take these two meausrements and cut out your fabric

Fold fabric in half and pin


Turn the fabric right side out, to do this pin a safety pin to the end of your fabric and thread it through

Fold in fabric a 1/2 inch on both ends and sew

In order to maintain the straight shape of the belt, I decided to sew two lines into the fabric longwise, each a 1/2 inch from the ends

Next, string in both D rings, fold over by three inches and sew


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