Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Sew: Elastic Waist Skirt

Yay! So excited to share my journey in creating my very first skirt! I found this video on pinterest, and followed along to make my creation.

Here's what you'll need:

1-2 yards of cotton fabric
safety pin
sewing machine
measuring tape

Take your hip measurement, add 8 inches to this measurement, and divide by 2, this will be your width
Cut 2 pieces of fabric equal to your width by 20 1/2''(adjust to your length liking)

Pin fabric right sides together

Sew up both 20 1/2" sides using a 1/2'' seam allowance

Press seams flat

For the waistband, fold from the top 1/2''; press


old down another 2'', press

Pin in place and sew all the way around leaving a 4'' opening (for the elastic to go through)

Measure elastic around your waist and cut(I wanted mine to be snug on my waist so I shaved off two inches from my waist measurement)

Attach safety pin to elastic and thread through skirt gathering as you go, use another safety pin to pin the end of the elastic to your skirt

Sew elastic together overlapping by a 1/2'', sew back and forth a few times

Close opening, begin where seam starts and sew closed

The only thing left now is to hem the bottom!

Fold bottom up 1/2'' press

Fold bottom up another 1 1/2'' press

Pin, and sew


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