Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY: Makeup bag pt 2

Onto my second week of sewing. I decided to attempt to make a makeup bag again, but this time I added a few extra steps and made it a bit bigger and deeper to store more makeup, or anything for that matter. I've actually decided to use my creation to store sewing supplies! (See below for my finished product)

I learned the steps to make the above bag in the beginners sewing class I took. In the actual class however, I made the bag below

I must admit, I wasn't crazy about this thing in the beginning, from the advertisement on the class I assumed we would be making a much more compact bag with pretty fabric, obviously not the case.
All was not lost though, I did still learn how to create the bag, and as you see above, I taloried the size and fabric to my own liking....and I did find a use for this big eye sore of a bag afterall!

Now... onto making the bag

You will need:
2 pieces of 12 inch by 10 inch fabric of your choice
9 inch zipper
sewing machine

To begin..
cut two pieces of fabric 12 inches by 10 inches, match up 12 inch sides, pin and sew(remember when sewing to leave a 5/8ths inch seam allowance)


iron seam allowance open

pin zipper onto the seam allowance

sew on both sides of the zipper

next pin an inch from the bottom and an inch from the top, in between the pins rip the seams out with your seam ripper.

unzip the zipper

turn inside out match ends, pin and sew

position the zipper part of the bag in the middle (see below)

pin both sides, and sew

Now fold up all four corners, mark an inch from each corner and sew across

the result should look like the below

flip inside out, and... you're done!!

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