Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Crochet: Lace Skirt

After making this crazy doilie looking scarf out of some white yarn and no pattern, I got to thinking...

What if I played around and tried to make a crochet skirt? It can't be too hard, it's basically just going around and around in circles, and honestly I don't have the patience to try to figure out all the confusing skirt patterns online, not to mention they're not too chic. So, here's my thought, use stretchy yarn, chain the base chain by measuring my waist and then shaving some chains off. Do a few rows of slip stitch or single crochet and then start the lacy shell pattern. To finish off I'll thread my darning needle with some white ribbon for the waist (to ensure the skirt stays up!) Here goes... of course this is a beach cover up, I know I know it's winter what am I thinking, but maybe this can be used for a nice winter beach vacation in the near future??

First chain to fit your waist line, For this I chained 120 for around a size 2

Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and each of the following chains

attach to form a circle

make 5 rows of single crochet

Begin to shell stitch, using the following pattern: Skip 3 single crochets, in the 4th single crochet create a shell (Shell=3 double crochets, chain two, 3 double crochets; note: this shell sequence is all in the same single crochet); next skip 5 single crochets, crochet a shell in the 6th single crochet, continue until you reach the end of the row, double crochet in the last single crochet of the row, chain 3, and begin working a shell into the first "hole" in the first shell from the first row. Continue working shells into each succeeding hole, when you reach the end of your row chain 3, continue this pattern until you reach your desired length.
Below you'll see the pattern in a few steps:

Sew in ends with a darning needle


Note: The Ribbon wasn't necessary for this skirt, but if you attempt to make this and the waistline isn't tight enough, thread your darning needle with ribbon and sew into the waistband.


  1. Hey, that's adorable! Really awesome job. I love it, even as a skirt to wear out, not just the beach. Looks comfy too. Thanks for sharing. I'm new to knitting and crocheting and all that, so I'll be bookmarking this for a later project -- once I get going. :) At the moment, I'm sticking to easy things like scarves. I'd love it if you did more posts like this.

    1. Thanks Kendra! Sorry I haven't posted about crochet in awhile. I'm in ny, the past few months have been bruttally hot, which makes me have no desire to pick up any yarn. Once the fall rolls around and brings colder weather I'll be sure to post more crochet projects!

  2. Hey what did you use for the liner?

  3. Hi Jessica. I made a slip skirt out of cotton.