Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Sew: Cloth Bag with Leather Straps

1 yard of fabric (Ralph Lauren home fabric purchased at Mood)
2 yards leather trimming (purchased from leather impact)
Revolving Punch
Sewing machine
Step 1: Cut the following pattern pieces:
2x 34" by 16"
1x 7" by 9"
Step 2: Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric touching (piece should measure 17" by 16"), pin sides and sew (do this to both pieces)
Step 3: Create depth to your bag by making corners. Measure 2 1/2 inches from the end on every corner (4 in total), mark, pin, sew, cut off excess
Step 4: Turn one of the fabric pieces right side out, attach pocket by folding in edges, pin around all three sides and sew.
Step 5: With one pattern piece right side out and the second (lining) piece inside out place the lining over the right side out piece
Step 6: Pin and sew around the top leaving a 5'' opening
Step 7: Pull fabric right side out through the 5'' opening
Step 8: sew up the 5'' opening
Step 9: Stuff the lining into the bag
Step 10: cut 2 leather straps 31 1/2'' long; next use the revolving punch to punch two holes in the bottom and top of each strap
Step 11: mark where you want the straps to attach to the bag by marking through the holes on the strap, punch holes using the revolving punch
Step 12: Screw a stud in all holes (8 holes)
Step 13: Push studs through the holes in the leather straps, done!



  1. Hi Kerry, I just have found your blog ! it' very interesting to create with different types of crafts! The bag is beautiful , I love the shape and the leather shoulder straps! Have a nice day!:::Silvia

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