Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY: Bridal Shower Custom Cross Stitch Gift

Recently for a friend's bridal shower I purchased a custom cutting board (from Etsy) with her future last name on it. The cutting board was a hit and everyone thought the customization was a nice touch.  When I started to take up cross stitch, I thought a great companion gift would be a custom frame with the bride and groom's initials as well as their wedding date. 
In order to craft the pattern I needed to find patterns for letters and numbers-- Searching on pinterest I came across a bunch, see my pin board here.  I used excel and a pattern as a guide and came up with the below.

For reference I used 14 count aida fabric, and colors: dark fuschia (heart) and 844 (letters and numbers).
For more details on how to cross stitch see tutorial here.

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