Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Your Questions Answered: Crochet Open Shrug

I've been getting a few questions regarding this cozy Open Shrug I posted last year; I thought this week would be the perfect time to answer.

Reader Melinda writes "I absolutely love this but I feel very silly because I can't figure out how you actually put it on. Can you explain or show a picture? Feeling a bit daft"

Thanks for writing in and following Melinda, I hope the below GIF clears up any confusion you have! Also, don't feel bad, I made one for a friend and she was completely puzzled and didn't even know how to begin to put it on.


Also, regarding your second inquiry 
"Also, any suggestions on how to measure if I wanted to make this for a child or plus size adult? How did you decide on 29 in" 
Width can we calculated by measuring elbow to elbow with your arms straight out in a t position. Length can be calculated by measuring shoulder to waist and multiplying by 2.
Hope these tips help!

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