Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Sew: Neon Mesh Skirt

I know I'm months, even seasons behind on the neon trend; but hey style is personal right? I can wear what I want when I want.  A few weeks ago I set out to my favorite fabric store GEM and to my sad surprise the store was closing, the silver lining was the closeout sale.  I came across some neon mesh fabric, I think it was $2 a yard, I figured it was a bit unconventional but it would do the trick for the neon skirt I've been wanting to make.  Of course there are challenges with mesh... it's see through, ahh! I quickly realized it'd be easy to double up on the fabric and I could either create a lining, wear a slip, or in the case above slip on over a bodycon dress.

Here's how I made it:

 for more details on how to insert darts, see tutorial here
sew in zipper, then unzip zipper, use seam ripper to rip open seam under zipper
Hem (optional)

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