Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Week 3: Sleep Mask

At the end of this month I'll be taking a two week trip to Japan and China, I could not be more excited!  The one thing I'm not looking forward to is the seventeen hour flight to Japan.  In an attempt to make my trip a bit more comfortable I've decided to DIY an eye mask.

2 pieces of scrap fabric
Pattern Piece (using this tutorial, Dana from Wonder Forest provides a pattern)
sewing machine and thread

Step 1: using the pattern cut out two pieces of different fabric

Step 2: place the fabric on your eyes and measure elastic around your head to see what length is most comfortable, cut to that size

Step 3: place the elastic on top of the patterned fabric, then place black fabric on top of the patterned fabric and pin ,sew around, leaving 2 inches open (make sure almost the entire elastic is inside only leave about a 1/2'' on each side out)

Step 4: Flip right side out (through the 2'' you left open)
Step 5: Fold in the extra 2'' and sew

That's it... ready for some snoozing!


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