Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY T-shirt Refashion: Peplum

I've been seeing peplum shirts everywhere lately, and I'm dying to get my hands on a few.  Unfortunately every time I try one on the peplum doesn't seem long enough, and I end up with a belly shirt (not cute!).  I decided there was no other way to get exactly what I wanted then to make it myself.  Now.. how do I do that?
I set out to see if any fellow crafters have already attempted the peplum without a pattern, and sure enough many have!  I found this tutorial to be the best!

I started out with two shirts I never wear, the first one a fitted stretch tee, that I don't wear because it's too fitted at the tummy, and the second a large baggy tee:

First I tried on the fitted tee and decided where I wanted the peplum to start, I decided right above the navel, so I marked there.  I then took a ruler and marked across the entire shirt

I tried the top on again and then using a measuring tape I decided how long I wanted the peplum to be; 8" seemed to be just the right length for me, allowing the pelum to fall just over the top of my jeans.
I took the baggy shirt, laid it out, I measured 8" from the bottom and marked across, then cut

I was left with these two pieces
Now, to attach them, I turned the bottom portion inside out (the hem should be at the top), and I slipped the top part of the shirt into the bottom, and pinned all the way around
Using a straight stitch I sewed all the way around, and that's it!
Fold down!


  1. Really love this! I have a baggy black t-shirt that I'm hoping to do something similar to. Did you put elastic in the peplum or did you gather the bottom part to fit the top?

    1. Thanks! I didn't use elastic at all, only because the top shirt portion of the shirt had some elastic/stretch to it. If you're using just a cotton shirt, I would definitely recommend adding elastic to where you stitch the two portions of the shirt together.