Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Sew: Maxi Skirt

Yesterday I attempted my very first maxi skirt, it seemed like a simple enough project but I had no idea what the measurements should be. Luckily last weekend I came across a maxi at the loft, and I thought the easiest way to recreate one was to learn the construction.

Here's what you'll need:

2 yards of knit fabric
matching thread (unfortunately I was out of luck here!)
1 inch elastic
measuring tape
Sewing Machine
Skirt (for tracing)

FIrst fold your fabric in half and lay it out; place a skirt over your fabric, and trace around the skirt

Pin up both sides of the skirt and sew using a zig zag stitch

Fold the top of the skirt down an inch and a half, pin all around

Sew all the way around but leave an inch and half open
Next measure your waist and cut the elastic to that measurement plus two inches
Place a safety pin in the elastic and thread it through the waist band

When the elastic is completely threaded through overlap it by 2 inches and sew the elastic together using a straight stitch, make three different lines of stitching to ensure the elastic is secure

Fold the fabric back over the elastic and sew up the remaining inch and half of fabric

Turn inside out... and wear!

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