Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Sew: Envelope Clutch Purse

Project 2 of my March Sewing Class is an Envelope Clutch Bag

Tori Burch


Here's what you'll need:
1/2 yard upholstry fabric for the outside
1/2 yard satin fabric for the lining
1/4 yard heavy interfacing
magnetic snap

To begin: Make a pattern using the following measurements:

Use the pattern to trace 1 outer fabric, 1 inner, and 1 interfacing

Place the inner and outer fabrics good sides touching and then place the interfacing on top of the inner fabric

pin, and sew all three sides, leaving the bottom unsewn

turn right side out

Fold ends in an inch and pin on both sides on the bottom

Fold up the bottom to where you want your bag to hit, pin on both sides to mark

Install the snap, place your washer on where you want the snap to be on the top and mark with a pen, take scissors and cut tiny holes, place top snap in, stick your hand under first layer and push in washer, push down ends

Fold bag over with washer on snap, see where it lies, then mark, cut holes, stick bottom snap in, put your hand under the first layer of fabric and place washer on the back of snap and fold snap into place

sew bottom across

Fold up, sew sides as close to the edge as possible


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  1. I love what you did- where did you buy the fabrics? I love them-