Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Crochet: Triple Crochet Vest

I made this vest months ago, when I had very little experience; I started out thinking I wanted to make a shawl, but after draping it around my neck, I instantly saw the potential for a vest.
This is a great project for someone that is still in the scarf stage of crochet, the only stitches used are chain and triple crochet.

2 skeins of lion brand homespun in purple
Size J Crochet hook
darning needle

Begin with a slipknot
chain 54
1st row: in the fifth chain from the end triple crochet, continue to triple crochet in each of the remaining chains (27 triple crochets total); chain 5, turn

2nd Row: triple crochet in the first triple crochet, continue to triple crochet in each triple crochet (27 total triple crochets in this row), chain 5, turn

Row 3 to end: continue row 2 until you've reached your desired length, (when draping around your neck the ends should reach your hips)fasten off

Fold your piece in half, and match up the insides, from the bottom use your darning needle to sew up 4 inches from the bottom


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