Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to: Add Fringe to a Scarf

As cold weather is right around the corner, I've been quite busy crafting many many scarves for friends and family. I have not yet added that extra special punch to my creations though, this being: FRINGE! So, I think it is high time that I figure out exactly how this is done.

Of course the first step is to crochet a scarf
Here's the pattern I came up with (I think this is great for a Man's scarf)

Create a slipknot, chain 200
Row 1: single crochet in the 3 chain from the hook, continue to single crochet in each remaining chain, when you reach the end chain 2, turn your work
Row 2: single crochet in each single crochet, when you reach the end chain 2, turn your work
Row 3->11: repeat row 2
Fasten off

Now for the fringe..
Cut strands of yarn 12 inches long, for this I actually took a small notebook and just began wrapping the yarn around multiple times

Then I cut the yarn at the top of the notebook

I then inserted the crochet hook into the first stitch (this pic is of the second stitch, but the process is the same)

Next I took 6 strands of yarn and folded them over the crochet hook

Then I pulled the yarn through

Lastly, wrap fringe over the hook and pull through, tug to tighten
Continue this process for all bottom and top stitches of your scarf

When you're finished you should have something like this!

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  1. cool, but I think I'd want my fringe a little shorter...