Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Sew: Patterned Shorts

To my pleasant surprise learning how to sew shorts was a lot easier than I imagined.  I did a quick google search "how to sew shorts without a pattern" and came across some helpful tips.  After a quick search of my dresser I emerged with a decent fitting pair of shorts (to be used to create my pattern), and then proceeded to scour my apartment for the remaining supplies: scissors, paper bag (for tracing the pattern on), pen, fabric chalk, zipper, fabric (in my case table cloth), and of course my trusty sewing machine. The entire process probably took about an hour or so, but I'm convinced it was just because it was my first time (I sewed up a second pair the next day and they came together in a half hour!)
Follow along with the steps below to sew up a pair of your own.

For further tips on installing darts and an exposed zipper, check out this tutorial.


  1. I am so unbelievably jealous that you can do this! These are outrageously cute. Are you down for a flea market/DIY get together next weekend while the boys are away? xx

    1. Thanks Ash!, And I'm most definitely down for some DIYing next weekend, will be so much fun!

  2. Hi Kerry, I am soon impressed that as a novice you were brave enough to tackle clothing without a pattern! I'd like to give you a tip: you went about making your pattern exactly right except that the front and back of almost all clothing is slightly different to allow for body curves. Next time try tracing just a single layer front piece rolling it to get a good trace and then doing the same with the back.