Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY: String Art World Map

For months I've been trying to find just the right piece of art to go over my living room couch.  I wanted to do something a little more creative than just pictures in frames. Finally after doing extensive searching on, I came across string art, and the RambleandRoost etsy shop.  The owner has a ton of string art pieces, and one that struck me was a world map. I decided to try my hand at making my own version.
Materials Needed:
2' by 4' (purchased pre-cut at home depot)
world map (purchased on
1 can minwax polyshades in mission oak satin (purchased from home depot)
paint brush
2'' nails
household twine
power drill
braces (for hanging)
1.Set out 2' by 4' piece of wood
2. Stain the piece of wood, front and back and let dry overnight
3. Place map directly in the center of the wood
4. Hammer in nails around the edges of land
5. Tie string around one nail and start winding string around nails.  See string art tutorial here
6. As you finish each land mass, cut away the map underneath
 7. Using a power drill, drill screws through braces into the back of the wood; next drill screws into the wall... then hang!


  1. Is that just normal plywood or did you use something thicker/fancier?

  2. Normal plywood, no need for anything fancy.

  3. Awesome piece! Could you describe in greater detail how you attached it to the wall/ what brackets you used?